Impervius in Action

25 Year Guarantee
Minimal Disruption
Structural Improvement

Asbestos cement sheets were used extensively in the roofing industry right up until the late 1980’s. It is estimated that there are thousands of commercial properties right across the United Kingdom with aged and often problematic asbestos roofs.

Asbestos removal is rapidly becoming cost-prohibitive for many businesses, not to mention the severe disruption it can cause to daily operations. Impervius is a cost-effective solution to this problem.

Benefits of Impervius from Isothane

  • No or Minimal Disruption to Businesses
  • Structurally improves the whole roof
  • Fully waterproof
  • Super Light Weight
  • Abrasion Resistant
  • 25-year market-leading guarantee
  • Fast to install – Fast Curing Products

The Problem

Isothane assisted a client who had an aged asbestos cement sheet roof which was becoming problematic. They could not, under any circumstances stop their daily business activities as their business operations ran 24 hours-a-day for 365 days a year. A shut down was simply not an option. Their position is certainly not unique, with many businesses running continuously, having only a small window of down time to undertake vital maintenance.

The Solution

Impervius is an externally applied system, so it does not affect the business operations beneath, which means the business can operate as normal. Costing significantly less than other alternatives, coupled with a market-leading 25-year guarantee, Impervius was their system of choice.

25 Year Guarantee
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