What is Impervius?

25 Year Guarantee
Minimal Disruption
Structural Improvement

Impervius is a revolutionary system which offers asbestos encapsulation, structural stabilisation, waterproofing and can also increase thermal efficiency for your roof. Impervius is a cost-effective alternative to removing asbestos cement sheet roofs.

How does ‘Impervius’ work?

To begin with, a structural stabilisation layer is applied to the roof. This has exceptional adhesive qualities which secures the existing asbestos cement sheets in place. As the stabilisation layer is liquid when spray applied through specialist high-pressure machinery, it fills any small voids or cracks before rising, expanding and setting to form a light-weight layer, sealing the whole roof. It will also secure in place any loose or broken fixings, which are typical of aged asbestos roofs.

The second layer is applied directly over the structural stabilisation layer, creating a protective waterproof barrier. This technologically advanced coating forms a seamless, high-performance layer which is long-lasting, durable, chemically resistant and will withstand extreme temperatures. The surface is also resistant to hail and bird attacks, which will keep the roof in excellent condition for years to come. We are so confident in ‘Impervious’ that we provide a market-leading 25-year guarantee, which is a longer than the guarantee offered with the installation of some new roofs.

Impervius also has the added benefit of improving the thermal efficiency of your roof, as heat loss through the roof is reduced. This is not only good for the environment, but can reduce energy consumption.

As ‘Impervius’ is externally applied, this means that your business will face little disruption. Your day-to-day operations can continue as normal.

Latin for ‘waterproof’ and ‘impenetrable’ an altogether apt name for our innovative new roofing system.

Our system has been specifically developed for asbestos cement sheet roofs. These sheets were heavily used in the roofing industry for many years due to their high tensile strength, insulation and fire-retardant properties. It is estimated that tens of thousands of commercial properties still have asbestos cement sheet roofs. This presents a problem all of its own, as asbestos is hazardous to health and must be handled in a very specific way.

The HSE (Health and Safety Executive) recommend that asbestos should be left in place wherever possible. They also advocate sealing or encapsulating asbestos as opposed to removing it completely. Removing asbestos is an extremely hazardous procedure and is therefore only undertaken by professionals, meaning the removal costs are hugely expensive and cost-prohibitive for many companies.

25 Year Guarantee
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